For Ergo projects, are tokenomics called Ergonomics?

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Market Cap:


Initial Total Supply:


Current Total Supply:


Ergopad Burned:


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Price Chart

Average prices from Spectrum trading pairs

Token Allocation

The ErgoPad token will be released in public sales only. No VCs, no private allocation. We believe in fair access.
Seed RoundStrategic RoundPre-SaleLiquidityDAO
  • Seed Round: 13%
  • Strategic Round: 25%
  • Pre-Sale: 25%
  • Liquidity: 6%
  • DAO: 30%

Token Utility

How to put the ErgoPad token to use

Your tokens will give you a vote on certain decisions, such as which projects are launched on ErgoPad.


The more you stake, the higher the tier. More detail found on the Staking Page.


Each new IDO we release on ErgoPad will have a pre-sale for ErgoPad token stakers. Staking in a higher tier gives you an opportunity to get more tokens at the pre-sale price.

We will add deflationary mechanics to the ErgoPad token. Similar to other platforms, there will be a lottery and other ways to earn which will also burn tokens. Early unstaking fees will be burned, removing those from the supply.

If you aren't interested in investing in IDOs and feel liquidity farming will provide a greater yield than the current staking rewards, you can provide liquidity on ErgoDex. We may even release a dex of our own!